Discovering Peace After Abortion

The state health department reports about 100 women have abortions in North Dakota each month.
And while it has few physical complications for the woman, there is research showing the psychological impacts can be significant – and long-lasting.

Jim Olson reports on a program designed to help.

(“Julie”) “It’s a traumatic experience and there are traumatic effects.”

The woman you just heard doesn’t want to be identified – so we’ve masked her voice and won’t show her on camera. But she says the two abortions she had decades ago have haunted her psychologically.

(“Julie”) “I felt stalled out and trapped and didn’t know what was wrong. And I would say, what is wrong with me?”

Then, she found the Discover Peace program, and took the first steps toward recovery.

(“Julie”) “Healing is always a process but it made a dramatic change in my life. It was a wonderful start to the process.”
(Nadia Smetana, Dakota Hope Clinic Director) “The mainstream media will tell us there are no side effects to abortion except for good effects but research shows us otherwise and our experience here at the clinic with women who have had abortions show us otherwise.”

Nadia Smetana says that’s why there’s an effort to reach out.

(Nadia Smetana, Dakota Hope Clinic Director) “It’s for anyone who has experienced the trauma of abortion. They use scripture, prayer, self-examination, all in a very supportive and loving atmosphere.”
(“Julie”) “I want women out there to know there is a safe place for them to go…that they can receive healing without judgement in a gentile, compassionate way, and that there is hope and that these women do have worth – they value, they matter.”

She’s gone on to have three children and now has grandchildren and says getting answers through the Discover Peace program has been life-changing.

(“Julie”) “It gave me the strength and the courage to continue on in my healing.”
(Nadia Smetana, Dakota Hope Clinic Director) “It’s wonderful. It’s amazing and rewarding to see the change in people when they start on that road to healing.”

Contact Dakota Hope Clinic at 701-852-4675 or text the clinic at 978-705-3421 to learn more about the Discover Hope program. There are also pregnancy help centers in Bismarck, Dickinson, Fargo, Grand Forks, Park River,and Devils Lake. Smetana says anyone at those locations would direct a caller to someone who could help the caller get into the program.

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