DL/B Schools Expanding To Deal With Growing Student Population

With students again roaming the halls of area schools, some districts continue to deal with significant growth.
That’s the case in Des Lacs-Burlington, where a building project approved by voters last year is taking shape.
Jim Olson shows us what’s happening.

Christopher Bachmeier’s temporary office has a great view of the major expansion project at the Des Lacs/Burlington High School.

(Christopher Bachmeier, Des Lacs/Burlington Superintendent) “We’re building a junior high wing outside my window here…” 

In addition to the seven new classrooms going in here, there will be big changes in another area too.

(Christopher Bachmeier, Des Lacs/Burlington Superintendent) “This will be the transition area for our new lunchroom and gymnasium.”

Here’s what it looks like on the other side of that wall – and here’s the view of the whole thing from above.

(Christopher Bachmeier, Des Lacs/Burlington Superintendent) “Over the last ten years we’ve grown over 80 students. And we are at capacity right now without doing these rennovations.”
(Bob Schwartz, DL/B High School Teacher) “It will be nice to have more space so we can make sure class sizes do stay small so the students can get the individualized help they need.”

Bob Schwartz is a high school social sciences teacher and says things had been getting pretty tight.

(Bob Schwartz, DL/B High School Teacher) “My largest class is 25 students which means I have to bring in extra seating.”

The new space is due to be ready in April and will allow some realignment of classes for DL/B with seventh and eight graders coming to Des Lacs from their current location at the Burlington Elementary building. And that elementary will be rennovated as well when the high school work finishes.

(Christopher Bachmeier, Des Lacs/Burlington Superintendent) “It’s really exciting what our kids are going to have later this spring and next year – it’s an exciting time.”

Jim Olson, KX News.

Superintendent Bachmeier says the upgrades at the high school include adding a sprinkler system to the entire building.
In all, the projects cost almost $12 million, and were approved by voters last November.

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