Does Bad Weather Impact Voter Turnout?

Bismarck – With snow in the forecast for Election Day, it may have you contemplating whether or not to head to the polls.

With less than 24 hours until most voters head to the polls I wanted to find out how much the weather in North Dakota impacts voter turnout.

What I found was since 1980, precipitation has only been recorded in Bismarck for the November General Election eight times.

In two of those instances, 1996 and 2000, significant snow fell that day…but had little impact on turnout.

In 1996; five inches of snow was recorded but turnout was 57-percent.

Turnout was 61-percent in 2000 when four-point-six inches of snow blanketed the region.

Voters I talked to tell me, they’ll vote, no matter what the weather outside is.

“If we don’t vote, we don’t have a say in what happens in our government, so we need to vote” Said voter Alice Gerhardt.

“No means, I would exercise my right, How bad would it have to be for you to consider not making it out…The Roads would have to be closed” said voter Ron Biderdorf

Nationwide studies have showed for every inch of rain that falls above average on Election day, Republicans gain about two-and-a-half percent of the vote.

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