Donald Miller changes his plea in Burleigh County court


The man charged with attacking a Bismarck Police officer last year changed his plea in court today. Donald Miller had previously pled not guilty during his preliminary hearing in January.

Today, he took an alford plea, meaning Miller considers himself not-guilty for attacking the officer outside the Bismarck motor motel, but the prosecution has enough evidence to prove him guilty. Miller also had a medical evaluation at the state hospital where they proved he lacked criminal responsibility to commit the act. But before the hearing ended, Miller had something to say about the accusations.

“There’s no way that I could have held that officer in a headlock, because I have artificial shoulders and artificial hips. And there’s no way that I could have beat him up within an inch of his life to make him so scared that he would have to shoot me with a gun in order to restrain me,” said Miller.

There will be no trial with this plea. Miller could face up to 10 years in commitment to a mental health hospital at his sentencing.

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