The inmates at the women’s prison also have something special planned for people in Dickinson,ND on Friday.

The women are putting together a donation drive for the victims of a fire at the Lily Pad Apartments, which took place on Tuesday.

Some of them are donating blankets, hats, and even toys they knitted themselves.

Others are donating food and personal hygiene products.

The women have also raised $500 dollars for the victims, and Urlacher said two of the women inmates are donating their month’s wages,

Two of the women said it’s important to them to give back and help out when needed.

Absolutely it makes us feel like were still important. As inmates most of us feel like we are forgotten, said Jenelle Chase Dakota Women’s Correctional Rehab Center inmate. 

Sherry Midstokke said, “Makes me feel I matter to somebody or what I make comforts other people”.

Thirteen families were living in the apartment building at the time of the fire.

They will deliver the donations to victims on Friday sometime.