DOT Proposes Increase in Driver License and Registration Fees


Big proposed changes were announced at today’s government finance committee meeting–
and these changes can affect YOU.

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The department of transportation announced they’ll be pushing to raise prices on driver licenses and vehicle registrations.

The various fees collected through Driver’s License operations are projected to generate approximately $4.7 million dollars per year during the next biennium. The total cost of the Driver’s License operations is estimated at $7.15 million dollars per year. If there were options being looked at to recover costs one example may be an increase in the Class D driver’s license. A fee of approximately $26 which is estimated to be the amount sufficient to break even. This is about midway between what Minnesota and Idaho are charging.

The example given is to raise the license fee from $15 to $41 so the DOT can break even with the costs to cover operations – a move the the deputy director for driver vehicle services says is well overdue.

Mark Nelson; Deputy Director for Driver Vehicle Services: “The DOT has had discussions in the past about attempting to raise those fee. What was testified to, given the circumstances at the time, it was not moved forward.”

Driver license fees haven’t gone up since 1987. For these changes to go in affect, the DOT will have to draft a legislative bill, that must pass the House and Senate, and be signed off by the governor.

Governor Doug Burgum’s spokesperson says the governor has not endorsed any specific DOT fee changes.

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