DOT Snow Plow Drivers are Out Improving Our Roads Year-Round


This winter, there were 26 snow plow crashes in the state. While the job is a dangerous one, our DOT workers come back year-after-year.

KX News spoke with a couple of drivers who say it’s worth it.

For plow driver, Travis David, the job is a thrill.

He explains, “Sometimes it’s a little hairy when you can’t see the plow in front of the truck, but I really enjoy it.”

His Co-Worker Corey Hanson adds, “Plowing snow in the wintertime gets to be kind of interesting. You’re clearing a road, and you’re not able to see where the road is sometimes.”

Corey Hanson has been working with the DOT for almost 15 years. He’s been in some sticky situations himself.

Hanson shares, “We had pure ice one year, and I was up north near Double Ditch to try and sand. And pretty much driving the truck slow, didn’t touch the brakes, and the truck started sliding and went off the edge a little bit, and it was right where there was a pretty good embankment going down there and stuff. So it is slippery and there are conditions out there that are even dangerous to us.”

Hanson says they have to factor in human error for drivers, but caution from surrounding drivers is important in avoiding potentially deadly crashes.

He adds, “We’re just out there trying to clear the road because if we’re not out there clearing the road, people will go in a ditch or slide around.”

David explains, “We’re not trying to hold anybody back, we’re just trying to make sure everyone gets to where they’re going safely.”

When the snow starts to melt, the snow plow crew still has a big job to do, including repairs and maintenance left behind from winter storms. It’s a year-round job.

David says they all know what they signed up for. 

He shares, “The opportunity to do my best to make sure the roads are safe for not only my family but everybody else’s family as well.”

A reminder to all drivers: slow down and leave space for this crew to do its job. Although it’s clearing up now, when there is snow blowing, drivers can’t see very much around them.

DOT snow plow drivers spend the winter taking the storms head on and protecting the public from dangerous conditions.

Today, it was our turn to give back to them. KX News’ morning crew brought breakfast to enjoy with the crew while learning more about their day-to-day operations.

Although it was breakfast for most of us, these guys were working before the sun came up. 

Now that the snow is melting, they’ll be repairing roads: sealing cracks and fixing fences and signs.

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