Driving drunk is driving drunk — no matter the vehicle


FARGO (WDAY) — Here’s a strange way to get a DUI.

A man is facing that charge after crashing his scooter, and it’s reminder that anything can be a danger when drinking.

A drunken drive around 40th Avenue south Monday night, landed 40-year-old Ryan Ritz in the hospital with minor injuries, and a misdemeanor.

Ritz tipped his scooter over while trying to take a U-turn on this corner.

WDAY-TV talked to Fargo Police who say Ritz has been charged with a DUI, but hasn’t been arrested.

Police say scooters aren’t common for DUIs, but there are many other modes of transportation that people don’t think about.

“If you’re going to be along the roadway, or some other property the public has access to, you’re susceptible to our DUI laws,” said Sargent Tim Briggeman, Cass County Sheriff’s Office.

WDAY-TV posed the question to the Cass County Shieriff’s Office too, who says it’s a long list that can stretch from lawn mowers to horses.

Bascially, anything that gets you from point A to point B is a danger while drunk.

And there’s no getting out of a DUI, whether you’re on four, or two, wheels.

“There is no selective enforcement, if you’re going to make that cognitive decision to be drunk, whether you’re going to operate your bike and cause an accident or you’re going to operate a 5,000 pound vehicle atop a roadway,” said Sgt. Briggeman.

Law enforcement says is does get a little bit more complicated when you’re on your private property, versus when you’re on the road, that’s why lawn mower DUIs are so rare.

It’s because it takes an actual driving infraction for them to dole out a DUI.

WDAY-TV spoke to a few people today who own smaller rides, and they weren’t surprised by these rules.

They were just surprised people are operating while drunk.

“I mean you got to balance, and pay attention you know. There’s cars and they’re not always watching,” said Jordan Tronier, a Fargo bicyclist.

Their advice, don’t drink and drive, no matter the ride.

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office says they had a slow weekend despite the holiday.

They only gave out two DUIs over the past three days.

Fargo Police say that’s a couple fewer than last year.

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