Drug store steps up to fill grocery need in the community

Earlier this year, the Dan’s Supermarket inside Arrowhead Plaza in Bismarck closed it’s doors. In order to fill the need in the community, one business stepped up.

You can barely see the sign where Dan’s Supermarket once stood. Those who shop at Arrowhead Plaza didn’t take the news lightly. 

“I was devastated, devasted. Often I walk, and they’re only a couple blocks by me. So, yeah, I was very sad,” said Rebecca Strader.

Rebecca isn’t the only one who has suffered with the loss of Dan’s. The majority business Arrowhead Plaza gets are from people who don’t have the means to go anywhere else.

Plaza Drug employee Katie Kosse said, “Usually it’s the older demographic. So, it’s a lot of people who live in the neighborhood, so they’re usually in their 60s to 80s.”

Plaza Drug, just a few storefronts down, saw the need. So, they turned the back corner of the store into a little market.

“We knew how important dans was to the community, and we wanted to help out since Dan’s left because the community definitely felt the hurt,” said Kosse.

They carry many necessities like milk, bread, and eggs. Although it’s not much, those in the area are more than grateful.

Strader added, “I was excited. They have a little bit of this and that. I’m sure they’ll get more as they get busier: “

And Katie says they’ll continue to carry groceries as long as they have to. As of right now, Plaza Drug is seeing what exactly people need by taking suggestions of what to carry in the future.

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