Dry Conditions are Hitting Farmers and Ranchers Hard

With the dry windy conditions, some North Dakota farmers and ranchers are getting hit pretty bad, and its not easy making ends meet. 

As much of the state starts to see moderate drought effects, especially the 90 degree temperatures we saw this weekend…A father and son duo says conditions are getting rough.

Jerry Doan, Rancher, says,”Well its getting pretty darn dry out here, we’ve been down here before.” 

With nearly a quarter of the state in a moderate drought it is getting rather difficult for farmers and ranchers in these dry conditions.

“Being this hot this early and that constant wind everyday is definitely drying things out and taking the pastures out backwards,” says Jerry Doan.

Some areas are still green, but Jerry says it will start to change very soon, as there has been no measurable rain for about a month. 

Jayce Doan, Rancher, says, “We haven’t gotten any rain since May 8th our saving grace has been all the snowfall we’ve had and kept things green.”

Despite the lack of rain, Jerry and Jayce are still planning on planting cover crops, necessary to feed their cattle. 

“If it stays this way our cover crops aren’t going to grow which we won’t have any winter feed for our cattle we’ll probably have to buy some hay or different things. We have quite a bit reserved, but that can deplete pretty fast if you have to feed it everyday,” says Jayce Doan.

If they have to feed the cattle their costs will go up, reducing their profits. 

Jerry adds, “There is no other business that is as dependent on Mother Nature, she’s got to smack you around a little here and there.”

Jerry doesn’t have any irrigation, they are strictly dependent on what nature brings and can only hope that some rain will come soon. 

The next chance of rain will be later this week.

The ranchers say this time last year was also really dry before things turned around.


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