Dunn County election worker celebrates more than 40 years of working the polls

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Dunn County has an election worker who may be better known than most of the candidates on the ballot.

Shelley Flaget of rural Halliday has been volunteering her time at the polls as an election worker for  more than 40 years.

The Canada native started working the polls in 1981 when she received her U.S citizenship, and she said she enjoys educating voters on issues and candidates.

In the 2016 Primary Election only 29 percent of eligible voters in Dunn County cast a ballot.

Earlier this year Dunn County went vote by mail, and so far the county has received more than 900 mail in ballots, as of early Tuesday morning before the polls opened.

Flaget said she had mixed emotions about mail-in ballots at first, but now but now it has her vote.

“When I hear the statistics about how many people apply for a ballot. . . that the ballots are coming in and we are getting a higher voter turnout. . . and its less expensive”.

She said she got involved in helping out at the polls when she was told as a young woman that she didn’t have a voice, because she was a woman and not a U.S. citizen.

“And so it took me ten years to decide that is enough. I’m going to become a citizen of this country, and I am going to have the right to vote. My voice will be heard, and I have been doing this ever since, ” said Flaget.

Flaget and her husband have lived in rural Halliday for about 48 years.

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