Dunseith nine year old makes the best of his disability


A Dunseith nine year old is making the best of his disability, and soon he’ll be beating it one step at a time. Payton Peltier was born with tibia disease that prevented the longer bones in his legs from fully developing. In just two weeks, Payton and his family will be off to Minneapolis for amputation surgery and prosthetic fittings. While his family has been his biggest cheer leader, they also let surgery be a decision Payton made for himself.

“We kind of waited until he was okay with it, that’s why he didn’t get it done earlier because, well, we were all scared to, but he’s not,” says his Aunt, Clarissa Poitra.

If all goes to plan, Payton will be walking with his new, as he calls them, “robot legs” by Halloween.

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