Easter egg hunters take on geocache trail

This isn’t your average Easter Egg hunt.

“A lot of times, geocaching takes you to interesting places, or just different scenic areas, or it’s nice to get outside and -you know- be active,” says Amy Zachmeier, Avid Geocacher.

This family has been geocaching every day since December 31st, and they plan to keep going until April 8th.

“That will give us 100 finds, and that actually will kind of be like our, we call it cache-versary, when my mom started geocaching back on April 8th, last year,” says Zachmeier.

They were eager to hunt through the state park to find the grand prize of a 2018 ND Parks and Rec Annual Pass inside a golden egg.

“You just exploring, like being outside,” says Bailey Dirk, Adventure Seeker.

They and other hunters hiked the trail, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature as they followed each clue to the next one.

“I feel good, like you want to get out side and -you know- it feels like winter so long, right now, there should be more spring. So even though it’s cold, it’s nice just to get outside and be active and doing something,” says Zachmeier.

Even if you’ve never been hiking before, this trail is very doable. In fact, I just did it with an entire camera on my shoulder.

“We brought my niece with that’s only eight years old, and it’s good for kids and adults,” says Zachmeier.

After a minor coordinate mix-up, the teams had to work together to find the right location of their prize.

“You never know what the next adventure is going to be like,” says Dirk.

Although this is the end of one adventure, they’re ready to hit the next one tomorrow.

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