Denise Wolfgram, the principal of Martin Luther School, is outlining all the rewards that come with classical education. Wolfgram said classical education starts with using muscle memory to grasp subject areas.

“You memorize and how we memorize with recitations. We actually ask the questions to students and they in unison answer it back. You do that over and over enough times, it will stick with them,” Wolfgram said.

In today’s world, relying on technology makes us unlikely to retain information in our memories, but with classical education singing or chanting naturally helps students to remember things that they are taught. Wolfgram explained when students are taught, they are broken into different age groups like elementary, middle, and high school.

“The main part where our younger kids are is called the grammar stage. In the grammar stage this is preschool through grade five. Kids love to learn; they love to memorize,” Wolfgram said.

Wolfgram says memorization starting at an early age will stick to the brain and continue even as we age.

“We do a big phonics space with reading, with spelling, they master those skills, they master how to write, and they do it well with smaller chunks,” Wolfgram said.

Wolfgram is planning to have another info session about classical education at a later date next month.