EHM Detected in North Dakota


The state is reporting it’s first case, this season, of a disease that strikes horses.

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture has confirmed a horse tested positive for the neurologic disease-EHM.
It’s associated with equine herpesvirus-1 or EHV-1.
The horse has been isolated and is receiving veterinary care at it’s home, in McKenzie County.
Because the disease is highly contagious, the North Dakota AG. Commissioner wants everyone to be cautious this rodeo season.
Many horses will be moving to events around the region this summer and it’s important to reduce the risk of spreading.
Avoid sharing food or water containers and try to prevent nose-to-nose contact.
EHV-1 can be spread through the air, contaminated equipment, clothing, and hands.
The virus is highly infectious among horses but poses no threat to humans.

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