Election workers encourage the younger generation to join in

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Election day wouldn’t be possible without the thousands of people taking an entire day to work the polls. And some have been doing it for decades.

There are over 240 people who have signed up to work the 27 polling locations in the county one week from today. And getting the proper training is vital to a successful primary.

Burleigh County Auditor Kevin Glatt is the man in charge. It’s his job to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Showing the workers what proper IDs are accepted and how to ensure all votes are counted correctly.  Looking at tonight’s training, it’s easy to see what demographic dominates the crowd. Many of those in the older generation have been helping on election days for years, but they’re also using the opportunity to encourage a younger population to join in.

“I’d like to stay involved in the voting process, and if I can assist young people in where to go and how to do it, I’d certainly be willing to do that because it is extremely important,” said Mitch Vance.

If you’re wanting to help out on June 12th, Glatt is still accepting back-up volunteers. 
They are full as of right now, but that could change at any point from now until next Tuesday.

And if you need another reason to help out, you’ll earn around $200 for the day.

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