Elementary student in Dickinson is making a difference in his school

This past Fall the City of Dickinson launched a curbside recycling program, and one elementary student is making sure the students in his school are doing their part to contribute.

Fifth-grader Trae Fisher at Praire Rose Elementary in Dickinson, ND acts a lot older than he looks.

At the beginning of the school year, he thought it would be a good idea for his school to have a recycling program.

“I thought it would help our environment,” said Fisher.

Last year he noticed one of his teachers had a recycling bin in her classroom, so he told his principal it would be great if all the classrooms had one.

“I said let’s keep talking Trae, and we will figure something out. . . now its bloomed,” said Nicole Weiler, Prairie Rose Elementary principal.

The school now has 80 recycling bins for the classrooms that are filled with paper, and the school has a  bin in the cafeteria for milk cartons.

Once they fill up the recyclables are transferred into five bigger recycling bins throughout the school, and from there they are emptied into a container outside that’s picked up by the city.

“It takes one week for the bins to fill all the way up,” said Fisher.

Weiler said the program is a big hit with the teachers and the students so far.

“Whenever they(students) see paper they are like, ‘Hey, that needs to be recycled'”.

Fisher said he hopes the program will start to inspire students outside the classroom to recycle.

“I hope it would make kids passionate about recycling at home and other places”.

The fifth grader said he would like the school to start a program for aluminum and plastic, but unfortunately, he might not be around for it.

He is heading to middle school next year.

Prairie Rose Elementary is Kindergarten through fifth grade, and there are more than 400 students enrolled at the school.

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