Elementary students in Dickinson are donating loose change to hurricane victims

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Elementary students in Dickinson are digging underneath the couch cushions, looking for money to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Jefferson Elementary is raising funds for Dickinson High School in Texas with a “Coin Blitz”

The Students are gathering any loose change they can find around the house, and then giving it to their homeroom teachers,so it can be donated to their sister-school.

 ” I was in Grand Forks right after the flood of ’97. I was able to see the impact a flood has.People don’t understand how hard it is to recover from that. Anyway we can help the school out . . we want to do that,” said  Sara Streeter, Jefferson Elementary principal.

Principal Streeter said  the school has raised about $300 dollars since Monday, and
they will be doing a final tally on Friday.

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