Emergency Personnel Hard at Work on Labor Day

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Labor Day doesn’t always mean a holiday, especially for the city’s most essential personnel.

The Bismarck Fire Department spent the day conducting their annual agility test.

There are nine stations that all firefighters and captains have to run through, to ensure they’re always in the physical shape necessary to do their job. 

It’s a simulation of what firefighters come across when running into a burning building. Not to mention, the exercises are timed.

Bismarck Fire Department Battalion Chief Rob Carlson says, “It is expected of them on a regular basis. For most of these guys, it’s just another day at work, and you better be prepared to do it any day of the year. That’s why we do have mandatory workouts. Every day they have to work out for an hour. That’s to keep them in the shape to do their job.”

Carlson says because of the high physical demand that comes with a career with the fire department,
it’s essential to consistently test their strength and work their cardiovascular system.

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