Emmons County Sheriff Department run by 5 Full Time Positions

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And it isn’t just Emmons County EMS doing their best with what’s available to them.

The Emmons County Sheriff’s Department is comprised of just 5 full time positions.
The sheriff says in the last few years.. they’ve seen an increase in calls by about 40 percent.
With more work, and the same amount of staff, it’s just another obstacle the department faces.

Sheriff Gary Sanders: it is one of those things, that at times, gets very trying. There’s a total of 5 of us in the sheriff’s office that respond to calls, including myself. It is a 24/7 response that we have to provide for the community. A lot of people don’t recognize that, they think it’s just a business hour thing. It’s around the clock, someone has to be able to respond and go to those calls.”

The sheriff says in the summer months, there’s even more to do with more events in the county, and a spike in criminal activity. 

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