Endangered species day

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The Roosevelt Park Zoo observed endangered species day this afternoon. 

The day is all part of a national conservation effort. 

Although it was wet out the zoo had school groups from all over the region visit. 
Roosevelt Park Zoo houses more than ten endangered species. 
Some of those are the Amur leopard, the Bactrian camel, and the African lion. 
We spoke to some kiddos who were there learning about the animals.

Nathalie Gomez: What is an endangered species? 

“Well there’s not many of them left,” said 1st grader Levi Wentz. 

Nathalie Gomez: Why is it important to learn about them? 

“Cause then you can study them,” said 1st grader Dallas Headmee. 

You can find a full list of other animals at the Roosevelt Park Zoo known to be endangered by clicking here. 

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