Enrollment Spike in Mandan Public Schools

There has been steady growth is Bismarck-Mandan schools…

Emily Medalen explains why this could be a great change for students.
I spent the day at Mandan Middle School, where there are a total of 960 sixth-eighth graders.

That’s up 80 students from one year ago.
I spoke with principal Ryan Leingang who says since the construction they “critically needed” has been complete- the school now has 10 new classrooms and 5 new teachers which makes for comfortable learning environments.
Leingang says numbers are growing the fastest for elementary and middle schoolers in town.
This year they have the largest kindergarten class they’ve ever had.
“The difference is unbelievable. What’s exciting with it though, honestly, is the kids. They’re all so different. We have some coming from out of state. They just add to what we have,” says Ryan Leingang, Principal, Mandan Middle School.

He said by the looks of the kindergarten class of 350 students, the numbers are just going to keep rising.

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