Entrepreneurship degree now offered at Minot State University

For each of these students, starting a business is one their life goals. 

“I want to do my own meal prepping business — I’m a big huge fan of fitness,” said student Jaylen Flowers.

“There’s a clothing brand that I’m working on right now,” said student Garrett Wesharr.

Now bringing these businesses to life doesn’t seem to out of reach for both Wesharr and Flowers. 

“I always thought that you know entrepreneurship was something that you kind of just did it wasn’t something that you learned,” said Wesharr.

After the fall semester, Wesharr will be the first graduate at Minot state to have completed a major in entrepreneurship, Flowers will be the second next spring. 

“We started the program just this semester and we already have just over 15 students that are declared entrepreneurship majors,” said Dr. Tracey Mays the assistant professor of entrepreneurship and management. 

Mays said expanding the existing entrepreneurship program to a major was something of interest to both current and future Minot State students.

“One of the things that I like to focus on is not just starting your own business, it’s about thinking entrepreneur-ally,” said Mays.

Students are required to write their own business plan and then execute it. 

“I’ve done quick pitches where I kind of basically put my businesses into a short pitch and basically speak to investors and actually get real feedback from them,” said Wesharr.

In the end students come out with a portfolio of all the work they’ve done. They say Entrepreneurship differs from business management in it’s own unique way.

“For business management it shows you how to run other businesses for entrepreneurship it gives you the knowledge on how to run your own,” said Flowers.

and hopefully the knowledge they learn here pays off in the future. 

The entrepreneurship major was made available just this Fall. 

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