Exclusive Interview with girlfriend who escaped with Michael Neugebauer

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WDAY: NORTH DAKOTA—It has been 25-years since the Neugebauer family murders rocked the state of North Dakota.

That day, a 15-year old boy, shot his mother, father, sister, and brother.

Michael Neugebauer is still serving time at the North Dakota prison, but we have never heard from his then-girlfriend, who was with Michael after he fled the state following the murders.

She was unaware what he had done, and she says she has been forever traumatized.

She has never talked “on-camera” about it, until now.

A farm just outside Menoken, North Dakota still holds disturbing secrets from that chilling 1992 night.

The Neugebauer house had a reputation; physical and sexual abuse.

Attempts to get help for those victimized in the home, witnesses say, fell on deaf ears.

“I kept saying, this is not okay. It is probably the life that you are used to living, but it is not okay,” said Jackie Hieb, who fled with Neugebauer.

Jackie Hieb was dating Michael Neugebauer at the time of the murders, and she went out of her way to report the abuse that was happening in that house, but nothing happened and the father even threatened her.

“His dad was standing there with a hammer, saying I will kill you if you have anything to do with my family, said it took these murders from something to be done,” said Hieb.

At times, Jackie says, the behavior became bizarre.

“His dad actually ran my dog over and made Mike clean it up,” said Jackie.

Because of the abuse, Jackie convinced Michael to get help at a Bismarck domestic abuse shelter.

“They called his dad and said, we understand you are abusing your son, which made it worse, and then it was a domino effect, spark plugs taken out, wheels off,” said Jackie.

And so, on January 27th of 1992, Burleigh County would record one of its most horrific crimes of the century.

“His Dad was abusing his brother, fighting all day,” said Jackie, “I tried calling, ring, ring, ring, at that moment, I knew something wasn’t right.”

Michael shot and killed his mother, father, sister and brother.

“He wasn’t thinking, he didn’t realize what he was doing, anything moving, he was not thinking, he snapped,” said Jackie.

The phones has been ripped from the wall of the farmhouse, Jackie Hieb unaware of what had just happened.

“I didn’t sleep all night. I could feel it,” said Jackie.

It continues to haunt Jackie, what if she had gone to the farm and intervened?

Wallevand: “What if you had gone there?”

“I probably wouldn’t be here,” said Jackie.

The next 24-hours would be a blur, a rural landscape forever scarred, a nationwide manhunt involving Michael and the girlfriend he picked up before fleeing the state.

“The look in his eyes, I will never forget. There was nothing there,” said Jackie.

Neugebauer was sentenced to life, but 25-years after the murders, he is expected to have a parole hearing in the next two years.

Prison officials say because of plotted escape attempts, Neugebauer was moved to different prisons over the years.

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