Exclusive Sneak Peek of NDSU’s New Mascot!

NDSU has been missing something this football season — their mascot! The previous one retired, and now their new, much smaller replacement is ready for his debut!

Today the 2 week-old baby bison left Bar 33 Bison Ranch in Selfridge to head over to the Chahinkapa Zoo. That’s where he’ll stay when he’s off the clock. 

Tom Schmaltz; Zoo Curator: “We want to teach him to retrieve a football and carry it.”

He has a lot of training planned over the next months.. including getting him more comfortable surrounded with people.

Just finding an eligible candidate was difficult.

Ernie Fischer; Bar 33: “There’s a couple of them that didn’t make it. We had taken one to the veterinarian and it was unfortunate. So when this one came along, the mother didn’t quite make and we got to nurse it right away and this has been challenging and very enjoying experience.”

The little guy is just 2 weeks old and debuts at Scheels for NDSU in a week.

The Fischers and several zoos across the state have been business partners for quite some time.

Tom Schmaltz; Zoo Curator: “Now Ernie and Beverly were gracious enough, said you know what, we have an orphan coming up and if you guys are interested, we’re glad to work with you. We have three bison from them already and we’re really happy with how they look and how they act. We thought this would be a great fit for both of us.”

Ernie Fischer; Bar 33: “This is something we wanted to do. We wanted to give back to the state. Here’s a chance for NDSU to continue their tradition of having a small bison as their mascot.”

Make sure to look out for this little guy at the next bison game.

If you’re wondering what the new bison will be called, NDSU and the Chahinkapa  Zoo will announce his name at his first public appearance next week.

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