Exercise guidlines change; Get moving, start young

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Nothing really has changed regarding exercise for adolescents and adults.

“Kids get 300 minutes a week, adults get 150 and that part really hasn’t changed,” said Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Dawn Mattern.

One way to think about it is adults should aim for at least 22 minutes of movement a day– and kids closer to 45 minutes per day or even an hour.

“”I think the big thing is how in our daily life can we move a little bit more, if you’re one of those hey I did my workout at the gym and I sit all day that doesn’t make it a healthy thing for you,” said Mattern.

and now a new guideline recommends that preschool -aged children be physically active throughout the entire day.

“It’s the first time we’ve really made recommendations for three year-olds,” said Mattern

Ms. Heilmann “Alright can you do flower, which way can you guys do it”.

For Ms. Heilmann  getting her kiddos moving is something she’s already been doing for years.

“to develop their language skills or any other academic skills first they have to have the body control,” said Heilmann.

they do things like yoga, dance, and when possible they spend as much time as they can outside.
“I like the candle and I like the mountain and I like the waterfall, it just feels, it makes me calm”.

“It’s not going to be hard for a three-year-old to be active so our goal is let’s not have them in front of the tv lets not have them in front of their game console let’s let them get up and play kids need to play,” said Mattern.

At home, parents should  allow plenty of space for the little ones to be able to move.

“Give them space to be doing and find that place that they can be moving in unstructured ways,” said Heilmann.

Whether your 3 year-old 10, 25 or 60, moving is always beneficial.

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