Expanded Security in Effect at Morton County Courthouse

The Morton County Sheriff’s Office is expanding its security presence at the Courthouse. 

If you visited the courthouse during business hours, you’ve already done through this process.

Now, Commissioners have requested security for their after-hour commission meetings. This added security started a couple weeks back and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier wants to remind you that any weapons, including knives, are not allowed into the building. Several have already been confiscated. 

Morton County Sherif Kyle Kirchmeier says, “My biggest thing is that we don’t want to impede anybody coming to the meetings and we want the public to come in and take part. But they just have to be aware, it’s not to inconvenience them, it’s actually for their safety and everybody’s safety, and that’s the number one reason to do it.”

The security process will be no different than what you go through during the day. It will simply now extend to any Tuesday or Thursday commission meeting.

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