During National Nutrition Month, Trinity Health is trying to simplify it for you.

Nutritionists are featuring a recipe of the week over at Marketplace Foods.

Each recipe will have wholesome, nutritious ingredients all in one place to make for easy shopping.

More than that, there’s a few reminders when it comes to eating a balanced, healthy diet.

Having a colorful dish means you’re getting more vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

Eating more whole grains, rather than white or enriched flour grains, will also provide a more nutrient and fiber-filled diet.

Director of Nutrition at Trinity Health, Sandra Horob, said “The recommendations that we make, take into consideration a lot more than just calories. A calorie is a calorie but we can get a lot of calories from sugar, we can get a lot of calories from protein, you know which is best.”

Horob said calorie counting isn’t always the best route, and that eating healthily is about fueling your body with the essential nutrients.

Dietitians also say to shop around the border of the grocery store, that’s where most of the natural and less processed foods are likely to be.

Also consider substitutes, like beans in place of or in addition to meat, and Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

If you’re a snacker, keeping the snacks more fiber or antioxidant filled rather than mostly sugar is your best route.

That could be low-fat yogurt with granola, fruit, or cereal, fold a sandwich on a piece of whole grain bread, or even stuff a whole-grain pita pocket with ricotta cheese and Granny Smith apple slices.