Facebook post sparks stranger danger

A recent Facebook post regarding student safety has parents concerned.
We’re putting North Dakota first by sending our reporter Nathalie Gomez to investigate.
It was this post regarding vehicles offering rides to children walking home alone that had parents worried at Lewis and Clark Elementary school worried.

“It did not come out of our school,” said principal Patrick Slotsve.

After receiving multiple calls from parents in Minot Slotsve says any communication regarding student safety would not be posted to social media.

“Any communication would come with a letterhead from Minot Public and always have my name or a superintendent name attached to it,” said Slotsve

There are six different Lewis and Clark schools located in North Dakota — of those six four are located in our area — but after making multiple calls it’s confirmed the note seen in this post did not come from any of them.

Nathalie Gomez reporting: If an incident like this were to happen in our area be sure to call your child’s school first to confirm”.

“It was obviously something posted somewhere else and somebody was tagged in it,” said Slotsve.

But the note brings up a topic parents should always be speaking to their children about.

‘The first thing is that parents talk to their kids –let them know that if they come in contact with someone they don’t know for the kids it’s okay to say no,” siad school resource officer Caisee Sandusky.

Sandusky says to advise your kids to be forceful and to try and get away from that situation as best possible they can

‘Anytime school starts –anytime kids are involved in activities or in places around here it’s a good thing to go through with the kids just so that they know the protocol to follow,” said Slotsve.

and that can make all the difference.
Slotsve says all Minot Public Schools have an alert system that would notify paretns via phone of an emergency or safety concern.

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