Fairfield Family Thank Morton County Sheriff’s Office and other First Responders

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Earlier this month, a Morton County Sheriff’s Deputy discovered the body of a man who had been missing for about three weeks.

The man was Lynn Fairfield, a 74-year-old from Bismarck. Today, Fairfield’s family gave first responders a thank you and a few gifts. The family presented the Sheriff’s Office with a plaque, a check for $1,000, and $200 cash. We spoke with the man who found Fairfield’s body. He says the family’s gesture is humbling.

Tad Pritchett; Deputy Sheriff: “Our job is difficult as it is. But when we can receive some thanks from the family for doing our job, it makes it all worthwhile and makes us want to come back to work another day.”

Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier says the money donated will be used to purchase a new drone, which will help in future search/rescue/recovery efforts.

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