‘Fake meat’ bill passes Senate, now goes to governor

The North Dakota Senate has given its blessing to a bill that strictly defines meat products and which bans cell produced protein from being advertised as “meat.”

The final vote was 44 to 1 in favor of the legislation.

It had already passed in the House, so its next stop is the governor’s desk for his signature into law.

The legislation came about as a result of recent development in growing plant-based protein with the end result of a product that looks, feels, tastes and cooks like meat products.

Fearing that consumers may be misled by product packaging if cell-based protein uses a “meat” label, the bill states, “A person may not advertise, offer for sale, sell, or misrepresent cell cultured protein as
a meat food product. A cell cultured protein product: May not be packaged in the same, or deceptively similar, packaging as a meat food product; and must be labeled as a cell cultured protein food product,” according to the legislation.

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