Family Farm Numbers Plummet In North Dakota

The small family farm is starting to disappear as part of a national trend and North Dakota is no exception. 

The Federal Agriculture Department reported the total number of farms in North Dakota dropped by 300 in 2018. 
The state had a litte more than 26,000 farms.   
However, the biggest drop was for farms with less than 100,000 dollars in annual sales.
While the number of total farms decreased, the amount of land was unchanged.
Billings County wheat producer, Ed Kessel says,”Farms have gotten larger-equipment has gotten larger, you are able to do more work with less people,
but with that being said, the margins have gotten a lot smaller in farming. So now you have to farm a lot more acres to make a living.
The number of U.S. farms dropped by nearly 13-thousand. 
The report says there were a little more than 2 million in 2018 

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