Family Of Four Becomes A Family Of Seven After Adoption

Making the choice to adopt can be a difficult decision.

But for one couple, the answer was simple.

Alexus Larson introduces us to the Haffner family.

“They were up for adoption, we said of course we love to adopt them, and we did,” said Jolene Haffner, Adoption Parent.

Before this moment, Jolene and her husband Chad wanted to be foster parents. When they signed up they went in with the mentality that the child would one day be reunited with their birth family. But little did they know – the three baby boys they were going to foster were become theirs forever.

“We knew that the parents were not able to parent them and their rights were terminated,” said Haffner.

That’s when the opportunity to adopt Aaron, Marcus, and Jacob came about and the Haffner family of 4 grew to a family of 7.

“It was worth the wait, worth the struggle,” said Haffner.

Today, those boys are 5, 4, and 3. Jolene says that they are open about adoption and want the boys to understand their situation.

“They know every baby grows inside a somebody’s tummy and when that baby is born they either stay with that mommy or they go to another mommy and they know they were born from another persons tummy and put into my arms,” said Haffner.

The boys have also have a relationship with their birth mother. Jolene says that she visits once a week and gets to be a part of their lives.

“They get to grow up knowing who she is,” said Haffner.

Jolene says she never expected to be a family of 7.

“We went into foster care thinking we would never be able to adopt and then we got 3 boys right in a row from birth and it’s just really a miracle for us,” said Haffner.

Now, a family of 7 is exactly what she considers perfect. 

Jolene and Chad also have two biological children that are 17 and 14.

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