Family participates in State Fair 4-H Poultry Show for first time

From small pigeons to large turkeys, the members of 4-H are ready to show their birds in the annual Poultry Show. One junior member showed her chickens at the State Fair for the first time.

The Fransen sisters have been in 4-H for the past three years.

“They can choose any projects that they want to do, there’s hundreds of projects anywhere from baking and sewing to photography or animals,” says Laura Fransen, Mother.

With all the different options, last year seemed like a good time to branch out.

“My daughter Vanessa wanted to do chickens and raise poultry, so this is all a first for us,” says Laura.

“All of them are different. They all have different personalities, they all have different voices. They’re funny,” says Vanessa Fransen, 4-H Junior Member.

Like her chicken, Cathy, for instance.

“She’s very friendly, and tame. And a pig,” says Vanessa. 

“She likes eating?” Hannah Davis asks.

“Yeah,” confirms Vanessa.

She’s done her research to ready herself for the show.

“This is the breed that is the Kellog’s Cornflakes Rooster,” says Vanessa.

And she keeps her cool, even when the chickens don’t.

The chicken Vanessa is holding flaps frantically and clucks,

Davis asks, “Is she okay?”

“Yeah, she’s fine,” Vanessa says, unfazed. “She just got a little scared.”

Before the show can begin, the participants have to make sure that their birds are looking their best.

Vanessa prepared hers by oiling their comb and waddle, shining their beaks, trimming their toenails, and even giving them a bath.

“We get to wash the chicken, we call it ‘Chicken Spa Day,'” says Laura.

With 11 chickens, it takes some time,

“I got up at 7:00 yesterday and did it all. But then I did the oils this morning,” says Vanessa.

But it ended up paying off in a few of her categories.

“I got first first place with them. They were the best uniform, they all looked alike,” says Vanessa.

Checking off year one of the State Fair Poultry Show for the Fransens.

There were over 100 different birds entered into this year’s 4-H State Fair Poultry Show.

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