Family tennis night

Although the winter weather may be keeping us indoors, there are still ways to get moving. Here’s how one group is keeping warm with the game of tennis.

There’s no standing still when the ball is in play.

“Tennis is a highly skilled sport, tonight’s all about fun, and we’re going to try and make it really easy for everyone, but we’re breaking it down and the players are going to be able to go from court to court and work on different skills,” says Marc White, Director Tennis at Cameron Indoor Tennis.

Skills like serving the ball to just the right spot.

“I can do it, but I just need it — to do it more accurately,” says Grace Olson, Young Tennis Player.

“Probably I wasn’t hitting high enough, but now I’ve learned,” says T’shana Williams, Young Tennis Player.

Coaches with the Minot Area Tennis Association grouped similar players into teams to cycle around the courts and practice various skills related to the game.

“One court’s going to be serving, one court’s going to be working on the ball machine, we have an eye coach training station, and one court’s going to be working on footwork and control.”

In this fun night, all skill levels can practice together, whether they’ve never played or played for years or are even just recently returning.

“A little rusty, yeah, but it’s also giving me the itch to get back into it. So we’ll look into possibly coming here more often,” says Katie Rheese , Returning Tennis Player.

And the season is just getting started.

“I just like to do tennis because it’s fun and it gives me something to do when I don’t have anything to do,” says Will Huseby, Young Tennis Player.

Sharpening their skills, even in winter.

If you’re looking to play, you haven’t missed your chance. You can schedule a lesson any weekend at the Cameron Indoor Tennis Center.

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