Family Visits The Prairie Dog Town

North Dakota is known for its prairies and that land is home to many animals.

One of those animals are the black tailed prairie dogs and there is spot that’s designated just for them.

In tonight’s Positively North Dakota, Alexus Arthur takes to a place that was once a resort in the 1970’s but a few years later turned into a prairie dog town.

Ben Berntson and his two daughters, Brooklyn and Blaze are on the lookout.

They are searching for a few of the fifty black tailed prairie dogs that reside on an acre of land at Fort Stevenson State Park.

“The prairie dogs are alive and strong here at Fort Stevenson State Park and we’re pleased to have them,” said Chad Trautman, Fort Stevenson Park Manager.

Prairie Dog towns are made up of these mounds and they are entrances to the burrows that the prairie dogs use for flood protection and lookout stations.

“If you watch them they kind of jump up in the air as they make their yipping sound or barking sound so that’s how they warn others there’s something strange in the area,” said Trautman.

In order to see them you have to be quiet and if you want to get close you’ll have to be really sneaky.

“Down. He went down and down and down. I think they go to another tunnel,” said Brooklyn Berntson, 6 Years Old.

It only takes one prairie dog for you to get a good look at them.

“They have tails, they have like blue eyes, and the tails are like reddish,” said Brooklyn.

After about an hour of being on the lookout the Berntson family saw big and small prairie dogs and that’s something that they’ll remember for many years to come. 

Black Tailed Prairie Dogs are just over a foot tall and only weight about 3 pounds.

On average females live 8 years and males live for five years.

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