Fargo is fastest growing liberal city in the U.S.


 (WDAY TV) – The presidential election is polarizing political parties and splitting voters. And here in North Dakota points of view are just as divided.

In one of the most conservative states, a new report says Fargo is the fastest growing liberal city in the country.

Historically Fargo has been the most liberal part of North Dakota. In 2008, President Obama won Cass County here but lost the rest of the state.

Fargo made a list of the best places for liberals to live. But political scientists say that doesn’t necessarily put it on par with San Francisco or Boston.

In a largely ‘red’ state,

“There’s still that view of, ‘Just leave us alone and let us do what we want to do and we’ll be fine,” said Dr. Barbara Headrick, MSUM political science professor.

Fargo finds itself an island of blue.

“It makes sense that the highest population place in North Dakota is the most liberal place in North Dakota,” said Headrick.

In recent years Gallup polls ranked North Dakota among the top 10 most conservative states. So perhaps its surprising another survey named Fargo the number 5 best place in American to be a liberal. Finishing behind Seattle, Austin, San Francisco and Denver.

It’s high score can be chalked up to the metro’s massive growth and low unemployment rate. In fact, the same organization says the town is the country’s fastest growing liberal city.

 And some say they moved here to be with like-minded people.

“I’m from a very small town a year ago. The people here are very welcoming there’s a wide variety of people,” said Haakon Gisvold, Fargo.

The metro’s 3 major universities also contribute to growth and political ideology.

“It makes a little bit of sense considering we’re a college town in Fargo. We have a really good economy the music scene’s developing,” said Evan Miller, Fargo,

Even though much of town bleeds green some political scientists say Fargo is more a shade of bluish-purple.

“You can’t think of Fargo as San Francisco, Midwest,” said Dr. Headrick.

Some residents even see a strong conservative base promoting family values.

“A family that moves to town can feel that it’s not really wildly liberal like a San Francisco or places like that,” said Dave Seibel, Fargo.

But say whether liberal or conservative Fargo is mostly ‘North Dakota nice.’

“If you feel one way of another you won’t get ostracized,” said Seibel.

Minneapolis took the number 6 spot on the list. And in a similar survey named Sioux Falls and Rochester, Minnesota in the top ten places for conservatives.

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