Farm Bill Expired


The farm bill expired Sunday night.
Since then, we haven’t heard much about it from the house and senate.
No extension, no continuing resolution, no word on where it stands.
Ag commissioner Doug Goehring, says he’s frustrated.
Prior to it’s expiration, there were only a few issues left for the house and senate to debate.
He says he hopes a new bill is passed soon, but is not holding his breath.

(Doug Goehring/ND Ag Commissioner) “I think its unfortunate that this new proposed farm bill has not been passed, because there are some things that were updated and changed.  Now we have to wait, I’m not sure how long.  When you look at some of the politics behind what’s happening, they may wait till the lame duck session to pass a farm bill that actually being proposed.”

The lame duck session would come after the November elections.
Goehring says there’s a history that shows it is rare to have a farm bill passed in an election year or, the year in which a farm bill expires.

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