Father & Son Restore 1935 Tractor

Restoring history isn’t easy, but one father/son duo believes that without it there’s no way for us to learn and move forward.

That’s why they’ve spent years restoring machines that have always run through the North Dakota landscape.

“We had to get it done,” said John Novodvorsky Jr, Father.

John and Jason Novodvorsky enjoy a good challenge especially if it’s one that includes an old tractor.

“You make something nice out of nothing,” said John.

More than 10 years ago, they bought a 1935 Caterpillar R5 model tractor at an auction. Once they purchased it, they discovered that it was a Civilian Conservation Corps tractor. The CCC was a public work relief program that gave millions of unemployed and unmarried men jobs during the Great Depression.

“You never know what you’re going to find,” said John.

That’s what gave them the push to finish restoring it- turning it into the featured tractor at the Makoti Threshing show.

“I felt that we should honor them boys,” said John.

It started with completely replacing the engine and then fixing it piece by piece until it was able to do this.

“You can’t buy things for it. You make them or you have another machine you tear apart or fix what you have,” said Jason Novodvosrky, Son.

For now, the duo men say they are going to keep it and make sure that it gets displayed for others to see.

“We’ve done it for a long time and it gives us something that we have common, something that we like to do,” said Jason.

“History belongs to everybody and let’s show the history of all this stuff,” said John.

Jason says they have about a Caterpillar model tractors that they’ve restored and they are currently working on another now.

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