Fiancée of Pilot Killed in Air Ambulance Crash Tells Their Story

On November 18th, tragedy struck the Bismarck-Mandan community. On their way to saving a life, three North Dakota heroes lost their own in a plane crash. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with the Pilot, Todd Lasky’s fiancée. She told us about that Sunday night and the legacy he’s left behind.

Todd took his fiancée, Bonny Senger flying several times during their time together, and Bonny says she knew something was off that night when he never returned home.

She explains, “The plane took off, and he always texts me before he leaves, so he texted me at 10:29, ‘Taking off honey, love you forever.’ He should have been there by 11:30.”

Bonny says meeting Todd was complete happen-stance. It was one of those classic love stories where a guy and girls eyes meet from across the room.

Bonny adds, “I waited all my life for someone like him. So he asked me a few other times, you know, just playing around, but he was very adamant. And he wanted just to go to the Justice of the Peace the next day and get married, and I said, ‘Yes! But not tomorrow.”

At midnight, the dawn of November 19th, Bonny says she woke up and waited for hours. It felt endless.

She says, “At 3:00, I called Bismarck Air Medical, and all they said is I should be concerned, but they didn’t know anything yet. So I went and woke my daughter up, and we waited, and they showed up at 4:30.”

She says faith and the kindness of the community have been her saving grace.

And she’s been front and center in taking care of Todd’s affairs, which is leaving her with unanswered questions.

Bonny shares, “How a plane with Bismarck Ambulance service wouldn’t go through the most rigorous inspections, and how this could happen. Right? I mean everyone’s thinking that.”

Bonny says she feels stuck waiting for the investigation to be completed. And says the best thing people can do right now, is to keep talking about it, and the legacy Todd left behind.

She adds, “I mean he just melted everyone’s hearts.”

The NTSB put out a preliminary report on November 30th. They expect the full investigation to take six months to a year. 

When we were visiting with Bonny, she was just finishing cleaning up Todd’s house. She told us that, although they didn’t get the chance to spend years together, they knew they were meant to be together for the rest of their lives.

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