Fighting For Veterans Through Medical Marijuana


Interest in getting into the Medical Marijuana business in North Dakota is growing. Although the state hasn’t chosen who will grow and dispense the new product one company is already taking the next steps.

Sister Havanas is a Bismarck-Mandan non-profit aimed to help veterans. R. Pete Daniels, the CEO of the company and a veteran himself, wants to hop on the medical marijuana train. To him, it’s more than just about the money.

“Not only am I here to help the community and hopefully help with this opioid epidemic, but I want to get my brothers off those drugs. I want to get my brothers in arms, my brothers and sisters who served, I want to get them off these drugs. Because it’s killing them,” said Daniels.

He sent in his letter of intent to the Health Department and is waiting to officially apply. In the meantime, he’s already scoping out locations for both a grow facility and a dispensary.

Daniels added, “My main focus is this is a veteran-owned operation. It’s going to be operated with military-like precision. And we’ve contracted with American Cannabis Company who’s here right now doing an evaluation of the facility we intend to use.”

They’re checking out every aspect of the warehouse to make sure it’s up to standard. Looking at every inch of the space and how it will be utilized. And he’s brought in the experts to help.

Mica Renquist with American Cannabis Company says, “I’m putting what people see is a hippie with a dog, and I’m taking it to the laboratory level.”

Daniels already has a plan to put a fence with barbed wire around the entire perimeter.  They’ll also have guards 24/7 with a 3-time security checkpoint. 

“We are going to make sure that it is the safest operation so kids don’t get their hands on it. Keep it away from the kids. Safety is our number one priority,” said Daniels.

For now, this is all hypothetical, Sister Havana’s has not yet been chosen as one of the select growers in the state.They just want to be ready if the time comes.

If chosen, Daniels will split Sister Havana into two separate entities, profit and non-profit, to accommodate the change. 

Earlier you met a man named Mica Renquist. It’s his job to help people start marijuana growing businesses. He travels all over, but is based out of Denver Colorado. Renquist has worked on over 1-million square feet of designs and builds for the American Cannabis Company. His mission is to turn a simple grow facility into a high-tech space.

“People sometimes thinks it’s just a plant in the ground and we just have a big building. No, we’ve got 40% of the building that’s given to other thinks. You know, the extraction, there’s trim rooms, harvest rooms, I mean there’s a lot to it,” said Renquist.

American Cannabis Company has worked all over the United States and Canada and is looking to go international.

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