Find camaraderie in sportsmanship with ‘On the Water Inc.’ at the KX Sport Show

Among the dozens and dozens of vendors at the KX Sport Show this weekend, there’s a camaraderie that’s there as well.

One booth that specifically embraces that is ‘On the Water.’

On the Water Inc. is a non-profit that takes wounded warriors out fishing during the summer, holding both special group events and taking individuals out throughout the summer.

In its seventh year, the founder and President, Chuck Betts, says, the organization has been able to grow and give back more and more to veterans in our state.

“We’ve helped quite a few of our veterans out in different ways as far as helping them with groceries and things like that,” Betts said. “It’s more than taking our men and women out fishing.”

This booth is also next to the vet center’s table, the two work closely together.

The VA will also have their mobile counseling bus in the parking lot as well, offering on-the-spot counseling for veterans.

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