SWEET BRIAR LAKE, ND (KXNET) — Ice fishing is a popular pastime in the North. Those out on the ice say even though we have plenty of ice to drill through, getting on and off the lake is a challenge.

Reporter Taylor Aasen met with one ice fisherman, Eric Richins, at Sweet Briar Lake on Monday to see how he is luring in the fish.

Richins displayed how to use his sonar finder, and he said that so far, things have been slow, but he likes to move around instead of staying in one spot like most. Richins shared some of his fishing tips:

“Well, first off, just get out here and get your hook in the water and then, I’d say keep moving. A lot of people in their warm tent want to stay in one spot. And that’s fine. But, if you keep moving and look for activity, you just got to find fish that are willing to feed. It’s a good time. And even if it’s slow, it’s still worth being out here,” said Richins.