Finding The Right Methods To Find The Right Workers


The number of job openings in western North Dakota dropped a bit last month.
But Job Service North Dakota’s Williston office director says there are still over 15-hundred openings to be filled right now.
As Jim Olson reports, companies with lots of open positions are trying all kinds of strategies to find workers.

(Micheal Reuter, Tradesmen International) “We always have openings.”

Micheal Reuter hosted a hiring event at Williston’s Job Service office as the week began. His company supplies workers for other firms – and they need workers.

(Micheal Reuter, Tradesmen International) “We explore any avenue that we can just because in the area it’s so difficult to find good help.”
(Paula Hickel, Job Service ND-Williston) “There is definitely a continued need for skilled workers in this area and I think employers are trying different tactics to see the most cost-efficient ways to get those workers.”

One of those tactics is an employer-specific job fair. There are four of them this week alone in the Williston-Tioga area for companies like Halliburton and even the TSA.

(Paula Hickel, Job Service ND-Williston) “The perk of having a hiring event is not only do you get to list that with us but we push that out there to people in our office, on our website, through Facebook…”

Hickel says people are having an easy time finding jobs right now – but employers are having a tough time finding qualified workers. That’s why they’re going beyond the standard word-of-mouth system for filling positions.

(Paula Hickel, Job Service ND-Williston) “When it’s just not effective to roll as-is, then you see, OK we need a hiring event.”
(Micheal Reuter, Tradesmen International) “We come here because it’s kind of a central hub. Anyone sees Job Service and they hear about the terrific job they do here.”

(Jim Olson, KX News) “Filling jobs in western North Dakota continues to be a hard thing for many companies to do. That’s why Job Service is continuing to look for the best ways to make it happen. In Williston, Jim Olson, KX News.”

Job Service is getting more involved in Facebook as a way to promote job openings.
You can find them by searching JobsND – Williston.

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