Firefighters honor student with muscular dystrophy

Firefighters responded to BHS today.
They weren’t there to put out any fires — they were there for a surprise.
Heidi Werosta takes you to the scene.

Back in October one student entered a poster contest to the Bismarck Fire Department. 
And for some reason — this poster stuck out from the pile.

Joe Gartner, Firefighter, says, “He just wanted us to know how he gets around cause he’s in a wheelchair and how’d he’d have to escape. 

Jackie Aldinger, Logan’s Grandmother, says, “The firemen framed it and everything and gave it to him and now they decided to do something more for him.”

From there the firefighters learned Logan’s story.
He has muscular dystrophy.
And although many parts of his body don’t seem to work…His heart is strong enough to make a difference.

Gartner says, “His strength and courage and determination that he has everyday just amplifies what every firefighter does and who we are and thought it was a good thing to honor him.”

So now — those same firefighters Logan made an impression on — showed up to his school.

Logan was speechless…and named a honorary firefighter.

Logan Triepke, Honorary Firefighter, says, “Do you want to become a firefighter?” Yes!”

Jeremy Francis, Captain, says, “It melts my heart just thinking how happy and the feeling that he has having this helmet and being presented … with this and always admiring to be a firefighter and wanting to be someone like me.” 

Logan is the first ever honorary firefighter to this department. 
And a “poster”child — of what a true hero can be.

Francis says, “I wish I could have a tenth of the strength and the courage that he has everyday.” 

Logan said that the hat is heavy and it weighs 3 pounds — but he probably won’t take it off for a very long time. 

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