Fireworks for the Fourth

Last year’s dry weather put a damper on most firework displays in the state, but with the 180 the weather has pulled this year, people are stocking up for a big Fourth of July. Some consumers are looking to get a literal bang for their buck.

A little teamwork is a good foundation for the perfect fireworks display.

“He focuses on the small stuff that we do before sundown, and I go and buy some of the bigger things that we buy after sundown to shoot off,” says Christopher Zenz, Young Firework Enthusiast.

More than 200 million Americans plan to observe Independence day according to the National Retail Federation and nearly half intend on purchasing fireworks to celebrate.

“They get kind of a variety of stuff and a few hundred dollars is kind of an average sale and they kind of mix it up with the grand finale and some of the kid stuff,” says Mike Yantes, Memory Fireworks Manager.

With the holiday falling on a Wednesday this year, some are choosing to sit this celebration out, but for others, nothing will get in the way of the family tradition.

“We’re taking off and going to try not to think about work or anything of the sort and just spend time with family and barbecue and light off fireworks,” says Matthew Knotts, Fireworks Enthusiast.

The American Pyrotechnics Association says that last year, consumers purchased nearly 230 million pounds worth of fireworks.

“I try not to buy the really big ones because they go off really fast and they don’t really last that long, so I like to get the little ones and have fun with those,” says Erika Jungberg, Youth Fireworks Enthusiast.

Although the big displays are the most popular, many opt for the quieter and more colorful options.

“We kind of impulse buy every year, the kids aren’t into the really big stuff yet, it still kind of scares them. So we do the little fountains and sparklers and stuff like that,” says Travis Fugere, Fireworks Enthusiast.

All in celebration of our independence. Although it is more wet outside this year, remember to play it safe and check the Fire Danger Index in your area before lighting fireworks.

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