First Edition of Plant Talk

Kevin Hollatz from Plant Perfect has all the tips and tricks you need to know to have a beautiful yard.
This week, he dives into bringing back some life into your winter plants. 

KEVIN: So we’re off and running for 2019 with our Plant Talks, We’re going to take a look at some winter injury, and I’m standing next to an Oregon Green Austrian Pine. In the plant world we call these test winters. This is supposed to be a hardy zone four plant. With the forty and fifty below and the reflection we got off the snow, that’s where we’re kind of seeing burning on a lot of different varieties.

KEVIN: So here’s a good example of a Fall Cyprus. You can tell exactly where that snow cover was. Provided insulation, no wind damage, no sun burning… this portion, this could be a goner. Something I might have to just prune off and let it fill in from the base.

So the other thing we contend with in winters is a lot of deer damage. This is the first I’ve seen deers in my yard, but you can see they’ve nibbled, and they’ve rubbed up against this tiger-eyes sumac. My only choice is to cut it back below the damage. It’s got a strong root system, so it’s going to be fine.

So here we have an Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry. Luckily the damage was light, but you can see they’ve completely girdled, so we’re just going to trim those back to the next good branch. One broken here, and that’s pretty much all you can do.

KEVIN: So if you’ve got some evergreens that are showing some of the browning, just be patient. Wait and see what happens, but it might take a couple of months of patience. Thanks for watching Plant Talk, we’ll see you again next time.

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