First House Debate of Election Season Held at Bismarck Hotel

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To warm up for election season, the top contenders for North Dakota’s lone US House seat faced off for the first time.

Republican candidate Kelly Armstrong and Democratic candidate Mac Schneider kept the focus local.

They were particularly interested in the ongoing debate surrounding the Farm Bill and other agricultural issues in the state. 

Both candidates said if they could repeal one piece of legislation, it would be the Farm Bill.

Where the two bump heads is the topic of corporate farming. While Armstrong supports it, Schneider spoke out strongly against it.

Schneider spoke out strongly against corporate farming.

He says, “Family farms are the backbone of North Dakota.”

Armstrong said the answer is “roll back regulations that are creating hardships for farmers and other industries that are so vital to our state.”

There was also a student journalist on the panel, who asked the candidates what they will do to make life better for future generations.

The candidates also touched on other issues, including the EPA, school safety and the opioid epidemic.

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