Fishing: Winter Kill

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Temperatures have been well below freezing this winter and that can be a problem for fish in the lake.

Winter kill happens when ice becomes too thick or there is too much snow cover on the lake.

The sun isn’t able to get down to the vegetation that’s underneath the ice to produce the oxygen that fish need.

Game and Fish Outreach Biologist says that if fish aren’t able to survive and they start to see a decline, there is a plan in place to make sure their are plenty of fish in the lakes.

“So if a lake like this, if it happens to – if we notice the walleyes or pearch are declining, we’ll put in our management plan and restock it,” said Greg Gullickson, ND Game and Fish Outreach Biologist.

Gullickson says that smaller lakes, such as Walleye lake, the ice is anywhere from two and a half to three feet deep which doesn’t cause too much concern for now.

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