There’s been some backlash behind a new food delivery service in the region.

Bite Squad lists more than 20 restaurants in the Minot area as partners, but some managers are saying these partnerships are one-sided.

The food delivery service launched just after Thanksgiving.

But just last week, on December 5, Nite Train Pizza – which already has a free delivery option – posted on their Facebook page that they were never contacted by Bite Squad and want their customers to know that the service tacks on a minimum of a 25% mark up for their food.

The post shared images that compared price differences.
For example, Nite Train’s menu lists a chicken strip salad for $8.75. Bite Squad had it listed for $11.

Plus, there’s a minimum of a $2.99 delivery fee.

“It was a huge violation, I think. To see our products online at such outrageous prices,” Daphne Cassim, general manager at Nite Train Pizza, said. “And they state on their app that they do not inflate prices of the restaurants and then they further state that if you have trouble with these prices, the restaurant set it. Well, no we didn’t set it, we had no idea that that was even going on.”

Since Nite Train’s post and a similar one from The Cheesesteak Factory, Bite Squad removed both restaurants from its app and website.

KX News called around to different establishments listed, and the manager at Broadway Bean and Bagel said they weren’t approached by the company and as of Thursday, December 6, have asked to be removed from the website. However, as of Tuesday, Dec. 11, it is still listed.

However, not all experiences have been negative.

Managers at Grand Junction Subs and Buffalo Wings and Rings said that they’ve partnered with Bite Squad and it has been beneficial.

The owner of Schatz Crossroads, Krista Marshall, told KX News that her restaurant does have an arranged partnership and that she’s very happy with it.

She said it’s agreed that 25 percent of the order goes to Bite Squad, and “as a business owner, it’s one more sale that I wouldn’t have in the restaurant, so it’s worth taking the cut to be able to serve more people.”

Restaurants in the Bismarck area have also benefit from the delivery service.